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Hi! I'm Igor Dykhta. This site stores information about my personal projects, applications, photo galleries and articles about interesting methods of computer graphics. If you are interested, please visit page about me or download my CV. I'm looking for interesting job opportunity in the field of computer graphics. Right now I work at InsideMaps.


2D Galaxies Generator ver. 0.11

Generator of high-resolution images of galaxies. You can use this images as wallpepers, or print them and stick them to a wall. There are a lot of parameters for generation of galaxies, so you won't get two similar galaxies with random generation. Have fun!


Black Cat's Money Organizer v.1.33

Black Cat's Money Organizer is personal financial software that allows you to organize your finances. It's very easy software and intended only for personal money management. It can store your transactions and show you a line graph from these transactions.

Splash screen of Black Cat's Money Organizer
Screen of graphical user interface of Black Cat's Money Organizer


Game about cats. About ordinary cats but they will save humanity from space invaders. Oh, that's all for now :)

Simple animation validator
Cpt. Leopold. Main character. Best for ship controling.


TERMET CAE is intended for design, analysis and synthesis of composite materials. It works with laminar composites, composites with inclusions and composites with fibers and nanotubes that can be used in the electronics, laser technologies, aerospace, automotive and fusion power industry.

Termet splash screen
Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface


Pyrtherm is a software intended and designed for thermal analysis of hybrid multilayered rectangular pyramidal structures, which are often encountered in semi-conductor assemblies, especially in the field of power electronics. A hybrid structure is a miniaturized electronic circuit constructed of individual devices, and passive components.

Types of view: top, side and 3D
Graphical User Interface in Pyrtherm
Structure of input data

Burning Sun

Burning Sun is a space scroller with elements of RPG and quest. Game is divided into levels, where user moves freely accordingly to a storyline. Burning Sun isn't a simple arcade. There are small number of enemies, so player's tactics and right ship equipment are essential.

Burning Sun Logo
Space station subblocks


Ardour is browser turn based game with elements of RPG and strategy. User moves between static locations, equips with weapons, armor and other items, interacts with NPCs and users via dialogs, quests and battles, explores world, gains experience and skills.

Tavern in the city of Impish
Altar of Nix, god of dreams eater
Altar of Rashmina, goddess of pleasures

Ardour (screens - part 2)

More art from Ardour game

Buildings for Impish city
Mythril armour set
Different armours for dwarf

Different Images

Screens from mesh viewer, terrain creator, heat transfer visualizer, shaders tester and other projects.

Advanced Ambient Occlusion
Motion Blur
Shadow Mapping

GUI library

For Burning Sun project I created my own Graphical User Interface with like-windows structure. GUI library was written in C++ and DirectX, and contains a wide range of required controls.

Different GUI Widgets
Multiple aligned windows
Window with text
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