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Hi! I'm Igor Dykhta, a Graphics Developer. This site stores information about my personal projects, applications, photo galleries and articles about interesting methods of computer graphics. Currently, I'm interested in development of desktop applications with C++, OpenGL and GLSL. My skills are listed in my CV. My email: igor dykhta email. I'm looking for interesting job opportunity in the field of computer graphics.

I have a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in Computer Aided Design Systems (CAD), and a second master's degree in Computer Science. During last four years I have been participated in development of different desktop applications with application of computer graphics. Among them are Termet CAE application for analysis of composite materials, Pyrtherm application for analysis of temperature of multilayered semiconductor structures, CAD system for plasma cutting, CAD system for modeling of furniture, application that creates interactive presentations of offices, and other apps.

My fascination of programming started with... h, wait, everything started self-made strategic games, with design and drawing of all units, movements, all small details, etc. Well, it was really cool and exiting. Such invention of new things and worlds gives real fun. Subsequently, inspired by Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura game, I started development of browser turn based game. First version looked horrible for me, and I deleted results of several months of work :| After some time I returned to the idea. I developed a working prototype of multiplayer browser game Ardour. The game had interesting system of battles, movement in the world, dynamic locations, quests, market, manufacturing of items, professions, a lot of art and other things. It was much more exciting than similar browser games of that time.

After short break, I moved to 3D graphics programming. I developed a some rather interesting prototypes, implemented a lot of CG methods. Seems it's a way of every developer with a lot of free time and dedication. My real problem was that I wanted to develop everything from scratch - graphics engine with all subsystems, GUI, sound engine and input system, etc.

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