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My cat Kvazik. Second photo session.

Moments from life of sad black cat. But he is really happy.
Black cat Kvazi and his imaginary friend. They are so qute.
Black cat Kvazi shows his tongue to his imaginary friend
Black cat wrapped in a blanket. And me :)
Black cat Kvazi: Igor, what the hell is this???
Black cat Kvazi is dreaming about meat
Ho-ho-ho, I am crazy black cat Kvazi!!!
Igor with a black tail :)
Qute black cat and his hose
Black cat Kvazi is looking for a girlfriend
Black cat Kvazi and banana peel. I know, I am angry. But Kvazik was so bored... :)
Black cat Kvazik wrapped in a blanket
Black cat Kvazik lies on old bag from USSR times
Cat Kvazik in ... em... in something :)
Black cat Kvazik warms my towels
Black cat Kvazik and shoes
Black cat Kvazik in a box
Take me... :)
Silhouette of black cat

Sun and Black Cat- Igor Dykhta (igor dykhta email) 2007-2014