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My cat Kvazik. Third photo session

Kvazik was so pleased with second photo session that he asks me about third one... My coolest Kvazimodik :)
Black cat Kvazik in plastic bag. He is still alive and happy :)
No comments. Black cat Kvazik wants my camera.
Pretty black cat Kvazik.
Black cat Kvazik inside his cave :)
Black cat Kvazik in critical situation :)
Black cat Kvazik guards meat :)
Fur of black cat becomes brown under the sun
Black cat Kvazik in his transportation cage
Black cat wants to sleep
Black cat Kvazik celebrates New Year :)
Cat Kvazik in a bath. I am still alive :)
Serious cat Kvazik and a lamp
The best black cat in the world
Claws of black cat
Black cat eats orange cavior
My black cat is like a horse. Black cat shows his tongue
Black cat photo model
Black cat looking at you

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