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Kvazik :)

Kvazik is a cosmonaut :) He performed one successful and one not very successful space flight (actualy jump from 9th floor). Due to psychological trauma experienced in childhood, he fears everyone and everything (especially flying slippers). But he is hunter and inquisitor from nature: he always hunts for Red Devil! (actually laser spot). Kvazik thinks that this red monster lives in bathroom, so this place is prohibited for him :)
Funny black cat
Cat in a pan
Cat with green and blue eyes :)
Very beautiful black cat
Tired black cat
Black cat sleeping in a pan. Yin and yang. Where is the yang??!!!
Kvazik wants to sleep
Black cat Kvazik after hallucinogenic mushrooms
Very nice black cat
This is the most tenderous cat in the world
Black cat is interested by something special
Black cat Kvazik near package of juice
Black cat under umbrella. He is so nice.
Black cat Kvazik and my legs :)
Greenish eye of my black cat Kvazik

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