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[5 Jan 2013]


MoneyGrapher is a program for mobile phones with Windows Phone 7 OS. MoneyGrapher gathers information about user's money transfers in different currencies and then visualize them as line graphs or as summary for selected period of time. It's possible to set different exchange rates and organize them in presets (eg. country, bank, etc). Namely separate exchange rates in USA (with USD as base currency) and e.g. different exchange rates for Poland (with PLZ as base currency). This allows to get real amount of money in one currecy for current country.
Start page with possiblity to add data about money transfers or to view existed data
Add transfer page. User can select currency, set amount of money, description and date for transfer
New transfer saved page
What do you want to view? page. User can view graphs of total money amount, currency exchange rates and transfer statistics for selected day or period of time
Summary for all transfers
Summary for selected day page
Exchange values for currencies. May be different exchange rates for every used currency.
Different line graphs for selected currency. Possible line graphs: total income minus expenses, only income, only expenses, income and expenses on one graph.

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