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Want to work at InsideMaps?

Visualization Engineers

Help us push the envelope when it comes to web based 3D visualization. We use a custom Web 3D stack with WebGL and THREE.js as the base, and are actively adding features to our pipeline. We are working on a full range of problems, from advanced lighting models where shader skills are essential, to fundamentals such as creating and loading geometry and textures in optimal ways, all with the goal of maximizing the visual quality of our clients interiors on modern browsers. For more info and other job roles visit careers page.

Computer Vision Engineers

Do you do singular value decompositions just for fun or you enjoy finding the best non-linear optimization method and have a strong skill in C++? Join our top-notch computer vision development team. You'll be working with technologies such as C++, Eigen, OpenCV and will need a passion for linear algebra and advanced math to help refine our algorithms for generating 3D spatial representations from 2D images. Our technology span a vast area of computer vision, including feature detection and matching, relative camera motion model (2,3,4 and 5 point), global RT, bundle adjustment, camera intrinsic modeling including distortions, camera response function modeling, camera vignetting modeling, multiple view stereo on GPU, graph cuts, mesh generation, mesh approximation and decimation, reverse global illumination, segmentation and labeling. For more info and other job roles visit careers page.

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