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Pyrtherm is a software intended and designed for thermal analysis of hybrid multilayered rectangular pyramidal structures that are most often encountered in semi-conductor assemblies, especially in the field of power electronics. A hybrid structure is a miniaturized electronic circuit constructed of individual devices, such as semiconductor devices and passive components bonded to a substrate or printed circuit board. The advantage of hybrid circuits is possibility of use of those components which cannot be included due to its size in a monolithic integrated circuits.

I created GUI, visualization and interaction modules using C++ programming language and Qt framework. Then I linked modules to math module (which was written in fortran). I applied newest version of OpenGL, GLSL and OpenCL. WebGL was used for interactive project summaries in browsers.

Type of view: top, side and 3D
Graphical User Interface in Pyrtherm
Input data visualization
Results as 3D surface
Temperature along line
Simple results visualizaton
Input data structure
Cook-Torrence lighting
Thermograph colours for 2D map
Summaries with interactive WebGL content
WebGL summary

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