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More screens from Ardour

Ardour is browser turn based game with elements of RPG and strategy. User moves between static locations, equips with weapons, armor and other items, interacts with NPCs and users via dialogs, quests and battles, explores world, gains experience and skills. Game took a lot of concepts from Arcanum game. Battles are in style of Heroes of Might and Magic, with possibility of group battles, usage of close and ranged weapons, creation of obstacles and summoning of magic creatures, to heal allies and to poison enemies, etc. User can move between different cities and dynamic locations.

I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL for developing, and 3dsMax and PhotoShop for art creation.

Screens 1

Buildings for Impish city
Mythril armour set
Dwarf in different armours
Different daggers
Mining equipment
Dragons and lightening
Dragons over city
Different daggers
Arbor in Impish city
North Gate district in Impish
North Impish mine
Magick books
District of Mages in Impish city
Under Nimal ruins
Steel dagger
House above Nix sanctuary
Impish prison
Impish city palace
Training ground in arena
South Gate district in Impish city
Arena district in Impish city
Soldiers of Holy Union sketches

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